Design, Video & Storytelling Sessions


Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. I really appreciate your hard work by waking up early to complete your slides and inspiring me to work harder on myself. Recently, I have been demotivated by my communication skills, but you have inspired me to keep striving for excellence with your workshop today. Thank you very much again for coming over. – Nur S.

Barney, great session. Was sceptical that I would learn something but was surprised on the content. Also your personal experiences whilst growing up is very inspiring on your back story and for me to understand. – Rikesh P.

I am a scientist that assist to presentations at least 2 times a week. I have also attended to many workshops and conferences. It was the first time I didn't get distracted by anything in the entire 2 hours. Thank you, it was amazing. – Ayelen H.

Having been to two of your workshops and noticing the reactions from today. The personal story of why you attach value to design captivated everyone. I think the story is powerful as we all feel so empowered that we can do that. I also appreciate the fact that you motivated everyone to be themselves and unique. Your general approach to making sure that you speak as a non-designer to other non-designers is your biggest strength. I think in general the approach to this second workshop was interesting. I love how you tied the workshop on presentation and storytelling to an actual story of how you designed the presentation for 'smartup' (if I remember the name correctly) that was brilliant. – Ivonald D.

Absolutely 2 hrs of mindblowing stuff. Hope you can arrange more stuff frequently. The last inspiration part was inspiring !!! :-) – Moinuddin Q.

Thought session was fascinating , really good interactive atmosphere and impressed by your willingness to support people after the session. – Louise H.

Very good and engaging speaker. You were not only an inspiration for those looking to polish up on their design ability but for anyone looking to start for themselves. Your advice regarding design was accessible to all yet very advanced which I thought was very clever. I had a very good experience, thanks a lot. – Rory S.

The workshop was very interesting and helpful. As someone who has always been interested in design but never known where to begin. It has given me the motivation. So thank you! – Joanne O.